About Us

Read Epic World Market Mission Statement and Core Values

Epic World Market’s mission is to create a healthy and vibrant world. We see the interconnectedness of all things. The individual and how she relates to the greater world. The body and how it relates to mind. The mind and how it relates to well being. We can’t escape these connections. And if we embrace them, fine tune them, heal them, cleanse them, we can achieve shining and radiant health on all levels.

We strive to bring you compelling information on health, wellness, diet, as well as offer the best CBD products you can find.

And to quote Robert Ingersol, “We Rise By Lifting Others”. We believe in lending a hand and making this place better. Check out the charities we support and get involved.

Core Values

~ We are authentically interested in our visitor’s well-being ~

~ We are building a healthy, vibrant world ~

~ Giving back is integral to business ~