Giving Back

There are a lot of pressing needs in this world. Everything from Alzheimer’s research to breast cancer awareness to the homeless stranger on the corner. So where does one start? What’s the best way of giving back?

Often giving back is individual, depending on the person and what is important to them. But there are so many areas that need help, where should we focus our efforts? When we started to look for ways to make a difference, we started looking for the biggest issues, the biggest problems facing the world. After researching far and wide we came across two documents that would set the course for the charitable efforts for Epic World Market.

One report was by the World Economic Forum. A concern in that report that was highly probable as well as highly impactful was water shortages, or water crises. Another concern was financial crisis. These issues correlated with the Millennium Project’s Global Challenges report. Water is very important around the globe. Some villages never have had clean drinking water. And roller coaster swings in global economies are a real threat to global stability.

So Epic World Market zero’ed in on two major problems as well as the means to make a difference in those areas. We are proud sponsors of and goes around the world and brings water to communities that never have had water before. This is quite a life changing event in those regions. It brings dignity, health and saves lives. And brings “micro-loans” to small villages and communities that need a boost and otherwise would never have this financial assistance.

These two charities are creating communities that are self sustainable as well as profitable and thriving without being reliant on depressed economies and limited resources. We believe in self reliance. And we believe in the power of men and woman working together to make a difference!

Epic World Market gives back through the Charity

Epic World Market helps grow communities around the world through microfinance and water conservation

The Charity is supported by Epic World MarketEpic World Market gives back through the Charity