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The importance of earthing lies in the many benefits it offers!

Did you know the earth has an abundant supply of healing free electrons? Learn how to tap into it!

Intuitively I know earthing works. I’ve tried it, and try to remain “grounded” as much as possible. If I’m not outside barefoot, I’m placing my paws on a grounding mat or sleeping on a grounded bed pad.

But this wasn’t always the case. For years, I spent most days in front of a computer screen, with emf’s bombarding me, feeling the heat from the power strips and multiple computer monitors I placed around me. Friends would tell me about the dangers of this type of radiant energy. They urged me to wear copper bracelets or copper stick ems on my cell phone, or use a grounding strap. I shrugged it all off as crazy talk and went on with my day.

A Light Bulb Moment

But it wasn’t until I saw a very simple, home demonstration on youtube, measuring the electricity going through the body with simple hardware store equipment, that I perked my ears and did a double take. I saw a video where a guy had around two volts going through his body when hooked up to a digital multimeter in his bedroom. When he reached his hand toward the wall switch the current amped to almost three volts. And then when nearly in his birthday suit, laying on a grounding mat with a copper wire connected to the earth outside, the volts dropped to nearly zero! I kept surfing only to find more of these type of home demonstrations. This got my attention!

Grounded the Film

My friend purchased a grounding mat for her mother in the hospital. With the mat came a copy of the film Grounded. She let me borrow it and I quickly ran home to watch it. In the movie, grounding is introduced as a way to reconnect to the earth. By doing so, we tap into the healing reservoir of free electrons so readily available and always renewing. The way we do this is by simply walking barefoot on the ground, or in our homes through the use of grounding mats or sheets that go on our bed.

The film talks about the importance of earthing grounding by talking about the myriad of benefits that are reported. The list is long. Better sleeping, reduction in pain, reduction in inflammation in the body, cession of snoring and grinding teeth, a blood thinning effect, and better immune response.

The Concept of Earthing

The premise for grounding is that the body is a bioelectrical, bioenergetic, and biochemical machine. If we are not grounded, we are subject to the fluctuations in the environmental forces around us. In our modern overly connected times and overly medicated world, we have countless electronic devices throwing off ambient energy, as well as things outside such as power lines, smart meters, and a soup of radio and cell phone frequencies. By grounding to the earth, as in any electric system, we stabilize those fluctuations.

The Evidence is Mounting

Despite earthing not being mainstream yet, there have been numerous scientific studies, some dating back to the 1920’s, to back the claims. Some of these more recent studies could be considered not to be independent, since some of researchers also own a small share in the company sponsoring the research. However, there have been other independent studies showing the physiological changes in the body when grounded.

Various studies highlight the importance of earthing through the following findings

  • Subjective improvement in quality of sleep
  • Subjective reduction in pain
  • A measured “evening” out of cortisol levels
  • Reduction in ambient body voltage
  • Statistically significant changes in biofeedback markers suggesting reduction in stress levels
  • Immediate reduction in skin conductance (SK)
  • Lower white blood cells as well as other blood markers and improved recovery time for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) suggest grounding improves immune response
  • Possible improvement in heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Measured blood thinning effect

There’s a great article published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health from the U.S. National Institute of Health that goes through each of the studies above.

The Experts Agree, Well Some

Dr. Mercola and David Advocado Wolfe are two big proponents of earthing. Dr. Mercola was featured on the Dr. Oz show talking about it. He calls it the natural antioxidant and walks barefoot as much as possible. Another famous doc in the health and wellness space Dr. Andrew Weil is a bit grumpy on the subject saying more research should be done.

I agree, more research should be done. But until then I’ll be enjoying pain free living and sound sleep!