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The Inspiration for My Grounding Experiment

In the film Grounded put out by earthing.com, they show simple grounding experiments on plants with jaw dropping results. It’s simple really. Put two plants side-by-side, one grounded, the other not. If you know anything about the concept of grounding, you might be able to guess which holds up better. Yep, the grounded plant always shows a visible difference in vibrancy.

Because the experiment looked so easy to do, I couldn’t wait to try it myself. I have already witnessed first hand the benefits of grounding (or earthing as it’s called) over the last month on my own health and vitality. So my guess was that I could reproduce the results shown in the film on a set of plants.

So I went down to the local grocery store, paid a visit to the floral section and picked out two plants that looked as close alike as possible. It was hard, I was there for a good 15 minutes looking at each variety. Taking the plants out, placing them next to each other, trying to make sure they matched as close as possible. I’m surprised an employee didn’t come over to ask why I was rearranging their display. Sorry guys, it’s for science!

My Test Subjects

Here are the sweet lil plants that I chose to be my test subjects. They look quite happy in the sun.

Two plants side-by-side on Day 1 of a grounding experiment


Every good scientific experiment has a hypothesis. I wrote down mine on day one.

Plant A and B are potted plants purchased from a grocery store. They were chosen because they were the most similar to each other, although plant A is the shorter of the two, but not by much. The logical guess of the grounding experiment based off the claims in the film Grounded, is that by grounding plant A will catch up to, and possibly surpass plant B in height.

Height measurements of each stem using a simple wooden ruler will be made. Plant A will be attached to a copper wire connected to a copper grounding rod placed outside in the soft, limestone dirt outside. Measurements will then be made on the last day of the earthing experiment. The experiment duration is open-ended, and could last as long as the plants do. But I anticipate it lasting a week or more.

Observations and notes will be made daily in a journal, observing the conditions and flowers. The flowers will get equal amounts of water at the appropriate times. Appropriate time is determined by a finger check in the soil to determine moisture/dryness.

The Earthing Grounding Experiment

Day 1 – 3/7/2015
Plant A – Grounded
Contains 4 open flowers
Height measurements in inches:

  1. 5 3/4″
  2. 5 3/8″
  3. 4 1/2″
  4. 4 1/2″

Plant B – Ungrounded
Contains 3 open flowers and 1 bud
Height measurements in inches:

  1. 6 3/8″
  2. 4 1/2″
  3. 3 3/4″
  4. 3 3/8″

Observations & Notes Day 1 – 3/7/2015: I setup the potted flowers and put the them both in positions that they would receive the most sun throughout the day. The sun lasts until approximately 4:30pm. I connected the grounding wire to the grounding rod outside. Everything looks good and all connections are solid. The grounding wire is attached to the tallest flower in plant A. It’s loosely wrapped around the bottom-most part of the stem. It has contact around a majority of the stem. The soil in both plants is equally moist. I anticipate that the soil will need watering in a few days.

Observations & Notes Day 2 – 3/8/2015:

Everything looks good, about the same. Happy plants sitting in the sun. One thing I observe today is that there is more foliage / leaves on Plant A. Plant B was not as full by default.

Observations & Notes Day 3 – 3/9/2015:

Wow! Plant A appears to have sprouted taller. And Plant B is not looking as fresh and vibrant as Plant A. Plant B’s flower petals are looking wilted and appear to be ageing at an accelerated rate compared to Plant A. The taller flower on Plant B is wilted the most. The leaves on both plant appear to be in the same health.

Two plants side-by-side on Day 3 of a grounding experiment

Observations & Notes Day 4 – 3/10/2015:

I continue to be amazed by the visible results. I expected that the time it took to see visible results would be much longer, but in a matter of days, the difference is obvious.

Two plants side-by-side on Day 4 of a grounding experiment. The results are obvious!

Observations & Notes Day 5 – 3/11/2015:

I’m calling the experiment. The results are obvious to me. The pedals on Plant A are more “fluffy” ha!, have a greater arch to them, are fuller. The pedals on Plant B are wilted, in a state of decay, despite being in the same environment. The soil moisture feels the same, the plants don’t need to be watered.

Two plants side-by-side on Day 5 of a grounding experiment. What a huge difference between the two

A close up of two plants side-by-side on Day 5 of a grounding experiment.

A close up of two plants side-by-side on Day 5 of a grounding experiment

Plant A – Grounded
Measured on 3/11/2015

  1. 5 7/8″ – a growth of 1/4″
  2. 5 5/8″ – a growth of 1/8″
  3. 4 5/8″ – a growth of 1/8″
  4. 4 1/2″ – no measured growth

Plant B – Ungrounded
Measured on 3/11/2015

  1. 6 3/8″ – no measured growth
  2. 4 1/2″ – no measured growth
  3. 3 3/4″ – a growth of 1/8″
  4. 3 3/8″ – no measured growth


That was fun. And while I am not a scientist, I would like to think that this experiment has some merit. What a stark visible difference between the two plant flowers. I thought it would take much longer to see any difference, but it took just a few days.

One thing to point out is that measuring of the two plants probably don’t add any value. The grounding experiment would probably need to go on longer for that to be a factor. Plant A did seem to grow taller, but only by a fraction. Also when I was using the ruler to measure the final measurements, I’m not sure I placed it in the same place. The photos seem to show a growth but the wilting of Plant B, against the vibrancy of Plant A, make it seem like more growth took place than actually did.

A possible guess for why plant B wilted faster is that it was at a later stage of flowering when I bought it, and would have wilted faster anyway. However, the smaller flowers on plant B did look less vibrant too. So who knows, maybe it was the lack of grounding. I’m tempted to do it again. But these results are consistent with other experiments shown on the internet as well as the movie Grounded.

Final Thoughts

Over the last month I have noticed many benefits to earthing. I sleep more soundly than ever. A deep restful sleep using my grounding mat. I also notice in my body more flexibility, and less of the tension in my upper back and neck. I also have a seemingly limitless supply of energy, which has helped in running, yoga, climbing trees, and jungle gym workouts. My conclusion is that the plant being a biochemical, bioelectric machine like the human body experienced the same benefits as I have.

If you haven’t tried earthing grounding, I would start today. Make an inexpensive mat yourself with simple hardware store supplies, or buy one from earthing.com. You’ll be glad you did!